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dear Marian

I was sorry to read you post.

We are relatevly new to this issue. My husband was first diagnosed with positive Braf 3 months ago,

and we are trying to cope with the side effect of the Zelboraf – which is not easy. Not to mention the ocnstant fear started with the doctors announcment on surrvival rate and the length we can take the emdication. But after the first shcok I realized that this is not true. There are many changes and developments in this area with new options and drugs all the time. No one can say what will be, they can only say what is the mean respond of others. But precentage, success rate and prognosis – are for the articles, and p[atients are human being, and each body and each person is diffeent.

So, I ahve learned that we need to read, be updated, never accept no or depressed prediction as the only “true” and take charge of our life, check for other opinions and beleive.

I believe in human strength and spirit.

After the shock of hearring Xelboraf can be good only for a year – I read posts of people who are taking it for 40 months e5tc.

so be strong, be connected, hope for the best and follow his response and let’s all hope he will be ok