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That’s horrible…29 and new baby. I can only imagine. I’d like to just treat everything as water under bridge but I know the feeling if 2nd guessing and regret. I hated losing Kaufman as a doc…though he was odd I felt comfort with him. Believe me I’ve had flashes of anger about him in past day. I changed my insurance cause he was dropping current and then he ends up dropping my current insurance and signs contract with Aetna. Nothing I can do…I am at where I am. Do scans, hopefully clear and have surgery and other treatment. Hope to beat this crap. Did you have Pet after recur? As I mentioned this really has me amped up. Very nervous. I hope you do well and never worry about this crappy disease again! I hope we both do as well as many others. I’d like to see my son & daughter become adults and grow up to be good people. All the best…tell Kaufman I said hello and I miss him. You’re in good hands with him.