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Thanks, cohanja, for your reply. It does make me feel better. I have never even been in the Midwest, though…I’m sure that might just be a factor in these, and other people get them?

I guess my concern is that I had a totally clear chest x-ray in 2009. I wonder if these come up suddenly. I wouldn’t mind a CT to rule out anything terrible, but hopefully my doctor will explain it better to me. I think there is pretty much no way this can be something scary (like a met) and I just need to wrap my head around other things causing “stuff” in my lungs. My new condition might even have brought this on.

I really appreciate you sharing your story. Whew. Now I’ll relax till I see the doctor on October 3 and get the full medical explanation for this.

I’m always so glad to come on this forum and get help/advice/commiseration!