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Hi Catherine,

I apologize for the long delay in my response. We took my daughter to MD Anderson under Dr Dennis Hughes. From what I could discover MDA and St Jude’s seem to treat the most pediatric melanomas in the US.

Amelia had a WLE which returned 2 of 8 nodes positive. She then had 68 more nodes removed during a neck dissection which all came back negative. She completed her high dose interferon in December and is presently getting a once a week peg-interferon maintenance shot which is scheduled for 48 weeks.

I have noted the opposition from you and others on here with regard to interferon. While the statistics on the adult population are not convincing enough for many to use it, there seems to be a quite different result with children. I know it is the standard protocol for stage III kids at both MDA and st Jude’s. What I am curious about though is whether there are any major cancer centers that you know of who are not giving Interferon to stage III kids. IE the results of pediatric melanoma treated with interferon are good, but would they be as good under a wait and see approach?

I appreciate your insight.

Dave Novak