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Catherine Poole wrote:

I’m glad you have this behind you. I didn’t realize they were doing MOHS for melanoma insitu. Did you get referred for that? Or was that a second opinion?

Happy New Year and thanks for keeping in touch!

I was initially referred to a plastic surgeon by a dermatologist ( the one that did the initial biopsy – btw – he initially also told me that the procedure was cosmetic and didn’t schedule me until a month after a body scan to have the shave biopsy) . I asked the plastic surgeon a few questions about treatment modalities ( please reference Catherine’s recent blog dated dec 31 st regarding physician choices etc.) and he told me that he would get back to me. He never did. In the mean time I got a second and eventually a third pathology report and had a consult with a university of Pennsylvania dermatologist. This dermatologist, who i very much like and feel comfortable with, referred me to a MOHs colleague for surgery. An excellent physician and surgeon with outstanding credentials and experience. Maybe because it was on my face it was done via MOHs. But from what I gather the surgery would be similar, I.e. Excision to fat layer with margins. Advantage was having pathology and lab determine while you wait for wound to be closed and reconstructed

That all is clear – my case, or in some others maybe a second or a third excision.

So, it was a second opinion. And it was a referral – from you on this site actually. So I am very grateful and happy to let others know of the help I received from you.

Happy new year to all

Also thanks worrywart too.

The cancer is all gone and the healing has commenced!