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Thanks Maggie. I am so sorry about your sister. She is so young..

Lets hope in better times for all of us.

No, the doctor of my sister said nothing about anti-PD1 working or not on brain tumors. In Romania not a lot is known about these experimental therapies. Now, thinking better, at the european cancer conference held in Amsterdam (28 sept 2013) they did not particularly discuss the effect of anti-PD1 on tumor brains. If somebody knows different, please let us know.

Yervoy and zelboraf are the most recommended treatments in Romania, besides dacarbazine and radiotehaphy. First two are not covered by the insurance provider, so ..is quite a bad situation.

We are counting now the days until my sister will go to the last evaluation before entering in anti-Pd1 clinical trial. If they will find another brain tumor or that the old one is unstable she will not enter in it. Another bad scenario is if she she falls in dacarbazina arm..:-( Lets hope she will be lucky.

I wish a lot of luck to everybody here.