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Jeff thanks for explanation, looks like a good one! Maybe other immunologic treatments can also do more about brain tumors.

Celeste, so good, I wished to hear more an more experiences like yours.

Lak, please do not loose your hope, must be an way. Maybe in the list from Catherine there is something for you.

Maggie, thanks, I wish a lot of luck to all from here, indeed is about luck at the end.

Good news today from bucharest: my sister had an unplanned CT and looks like her brain tumor, treated one month ago with Gamma Knife is three times smaller! I hope one exclusion criteria is gone..Hopefully also blood analyses will stay good , she is not feeling the best these days and has a lot pains.Yesterday she had also the arm tumor biopsy requested for this nivolumab study. At the beginning of December we will know more about our chances for anti-PD1 trial.

keep in touch.