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Hi Linda,

I was at SCRC yesterday, getting my ADC infusion (every 3 weeks, but will be there next week for a check-up as well). I’ve been on it with good results for a little over 6 months now (separate series of posts you can look up on my history). Get my email from Catherine if you have any particular questions. I was on the highest dose (2.8 mg/kg) no longer given, now reduced to 1.8 because I developed some peripheral neuropathy at the high dose. There are at least 2 other patients currently on the drug there on Tuesdays, so we’ve got a little club going. One lady has been on it for 20 months with stability after a nice early reduction (that’s the pattern).

Welcome to the club,


P.S. Yes, Dr Infante says they are NOT going to expand sites, and have almost closed the admissions of new patients to the places it’s open. Hard to know why, since it is very promising. No quotes on response rates, but I think it’s pretty high.