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Thank you Catherine, Jonathan and Kyle for your helpful responses, especially on this holiday weekend. I hope you all were able to enjoy a lovely turkey day.

This gives me some good directions to head in. We will definitely inquire about appealing the decision. I do believe his oncologist fought hard to get him in and was denied by BMS, but it is certainly worth continuing to pursue while looking at other options.

So great to hear of your good experience with UCSF. I am also in NorCal so this would be an ideal location for treatment if he came to stay with me. Will be contacting them first thing Monday morning along with UCLA and a few others.

If a PD1 trial is not in his future for now, at least we can feel more comfortable with treatment decisions after a second opinion and a review of our best options.

I feel so blessed to have found this forum and appreciate all of your help as we begin this journey. Will keep you all updated on how things progress.