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Celeste Morris

Data from: Combined Ipi and radiotherapy for metastatic melanoma, recently published by Menzel, Abendroth, et al, Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment, San Francisco, CA

Melanoma patients treated with Ipi (3mg/kg, 3-4 doses every 6 months) and subsequent radiotherapy to 1-3 non-cranial lesions were identified. 8 patients had progressive disease and 2 had stable disease at radiotherapy initiation. At last follow-up, 2 patients had complete responses, 4 had partial responses, 1 had stable disease, and 3 had progressive disease. Among 5 patients evaluated for an abscopal effect, 2 had progressive disease on lesions out of field, 1 had stable disease on lesons out of field, and 2 evidenced an abscopal effect, with regression or clearance of non-irradiated lesions. Combined ipi and radiotherapy is a treatment option…with apparently little additive toxicity when…radiotherapy is employed. The abscopal effect is an increasingly common phenomenon observed in patients treated with this regimen.

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