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Linny, I can’t tell you how much that MUP link helped my state of mind. Just the idea of having a 55% chance at living brings tears to my eyes, and those numbers are almost ten years old at that.

I hadn’t realized that there was much difference between a known and an unknown primary, so I hadn’t researched it, though I will be looking now. The oncology surgeon I had gave me the impression that lacking a primary site was more concerning than normal.

Over the last two and a half weeks since i was told it was stage 4 I have felt myself sliding into a hole that even taking anti-depressants hasn’t been able to help, but with one link you have allowed me to start seeing a possible light at the end of this very dark tunnel, for that alone I can’t thank you enough.

This has given me one more reason to get a second opinion as soon as it is financially feasible.