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I had a Stage 2a melanoma diagnosis in late December of 2012 after a biopsy from a 3.2mm, nodular and amelanotic lesion. I had a WLE and SLNB in late January 2013. All lymph nodes (the surgeon took 3) came back negative for melanoma and the pathology indicated that there was no residual melanoma in the WLE tissue. I had a skin graft in late February to repair the WLE. All scans, x-rays and blood work have come back good so far so as of now all seems to be okay. I too worry on a daily basis about melanoma coming back “to get me” but the worry does get better; it’s not so every minute thought consuming now. Yes there are still days that melanoma is all I think about and then I’m angry that I wasted a day of good health worried about it.

Know that the worry does diminish with time and at least for me even if my melanoma does return I choose to believe that with the new treatment options now available I’ll still be okay. This thinking seems to help me cope better and move forward.

I try to take one day at a time and not forget to actually enjoy something from each day.