Hi Tricia

Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear about 2 mels! I am also a stage 1b and I too wanted further testing, as it seems as though keeping your fingers crossed and hoping it hasn’t spread is not being proactive enough. I believe the standard protocol is not to have a baseline CT scan for stage 1b. I don’t know if it is the best protocol but I guess the reasoning is that it exposes you to so much radiation.

That being said I did have a CT scan about a year after my diagnosis as I was having a lot of pain in my groin area and my mel was on my leg. It turned up a very small spot on my liver and then I had an ultrasound and it was determined not to be mel.

I am also thankful that at this point I am an early stage but too I strive for something to put my mind at ease. Even the CT scan hasn’t done that. Instead I now wonder if the spot on my liver is mel. This disease is not for the even mildly paranoid to say the least.

I am sure others will post with their experiences and thoughts. Take care.