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Hi Shane

My husband stopped taking zelboraf a week before his wbr which was in nov for 5 days ,then he started the braf/mek 2days later he then had a ct scan of his body in dec which was stable, he then had a brain MRI in jan which showed 3 small mets were stable one of the bigger ones had shrunk by half and the other bigger one got bigger! So he had surgery to remove the larger one which was tested and the histology report came back and interestingly the tumour was dead! The surgeon said when he removed the tumour it was white and grey and that there was no black in it at all, so either the wbr had killed it or the brag/mek is doing its stuff? Next set of scans in about 4 weeks time so will know better then.

He is on day 2 of not taking the combo and he feels a little better but still has no appetite, hoping it will come back in the next few days.

Hope all goes well with you