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My nerves have set in and now all I can do is look at every freckle and mole with suspicion. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday for a bi monthly lupus following up. She strongly recommend that I treat this aggressively due to my compromised immune system and my immunosuppressant drug therapy. I found another mole last night that is “flakey” like dry skin. It’s a little larger than a pencil eraser and is kind of blurry looking. It’s not dark in color like my melanoma. Instead, it is a grayish, green, brown color. I know I’m probably being paranoid but I just want to be safe. Should I wait until I see the surgeon on March 10th or should I see my dermatologist sooner?

My original path report for my first mole came back as:

Level II

stage I

2 mm

This is all Greek to me and at this point I am wondering if they whole thing could have been removed during the shave biopsy. Do any of you think that having caught it so early, that there is any chance I could have lymph node involvement?

I know this disease can be serious but after ready everyone’s stories, I feel as if I was a lucky one and have nothing to worry about. I would love to hear your OPINIONS because I realize that only my doctor can give me the facts. I just feel like I’m worried about something that is not as serious as it could have been.

Thank you all!