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The BMS “Study Connect” link is http://www.bms.com/studyconnect/pages/home.aspx” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.bms.com/studyconnect/pages/home.aspx (didn’t know about this site, Catherine.)

BMS lists some trials that are or may be accepting melanoma patients under the condition “cancer” (e.g., solid tumors) rather than “melanoma” specifically:

  • Anti-KIR + Nivolumab – recruiting

  • Anti-KIR + Ipilimumab – recruiting (?)
  • Anti-Lag-3 + Nivolumab – recruiting (?)
  • IL-21 + Nivolumab – recruiting (?) (for melanoma?)
  • Urelumab: (BMS-663513) CD137 agonist – recruiting (?) (for melanoma?)