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Thanks for your kind words.

Yes I am a totally bewildered by all that has happened.

No one even the surgeon thought it was a melanoma as it was just looked like a blister first then a cyst with no distinct colouring, itching or bleeding or ulceration.

Macroscopic Description

Lesion right calf An ellipse of skin 64 x 24 x 9mm with a central cream nodule 21 x 16 mm AHx 1ts KS

Microscopic Description

Sections show nests and nodules of atypical epitheloid melanocytes invading into the deep reticular dermis and elevating the epidermis. There is limited lentiginous proliferation and nesting of the melanocytes along the dermo epidermal junction near the centre of the specimen. There is no in situ melanoma extending beyond the dermal component. The cells have moderate to abundant pale eosinophilic cytoplasm enlarged and irregular nuclei and small eosinophilic nucleoli. The mitotic count is low 2 per sq mm. There is no ulceration, perineural invasion or lymphovascular space invasion identified.


Right calf – Melanoma nodular pattern. Clark level 4 Breslow thickness 6.55mm. The distance between the closest side and deep margins and tumour is 5mm