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Just before last weekend, my husband started having numbness in his hand. I was concerned about a brain met, so I called his doctor’s office and they scheduled him for an MRI and found a pool of blood. Though the radiologist couldn’t see a tumor, the onc doctor concluded that there is a new bleeding microscopic met. Coincidentally, my husband blamed the numbness on the Androgel he was taking (ipi blew out his pituitary, so he has been on drugs to replace thyroid, cortisol, and testosterone), quit using it last Monday, and has had no symptoms since.

The doctor discussed surgery followed by gamma knife. The neurosurgeon wants to do surgery, and it is scheduled for April 11. I guess he wants to get the blood out of there, but it seems extreme to go digging for a tumor they can’t see if they are going to do gamma knife anyway. Please comment. Is it typical to operate before gamma knife? He had a brain met that was treated with WBR because it was not operable and gamma knife would have caused swelling which would probably have caused paralysis on his right side.

I am so glad there is a new program to provide this Anti-PD-1 drug to melanoma patients who, like my husband has failed ipi and now vemurafinib. I hope he is able to get it in time. My understanding is that he will have to wait 4 weeks post surgery before he can have the med. Another problem is that the cancer center here doesn’t have a Merck PD-1 trial, so my understanding is that it won’t be available for about 2 months. Is this correct?