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    This week marks the 2 year point where I had my in situ removed. Had my normal skin check up this past friday with Dr. Chan my new Derm here in Glen Mills and he removed a tiny mole in my WLE scar… it turned out to be just a little normal mole, made me sweat a bit though…. Everything else looked cool and no changes between the pictures and me :)….Dr. Chan seems pretty good with a background from Harvard, MIT and taught at U Penn..So today am feeling very thankful and happy for this board and the people on here that are a part of it. It has been a great source of information these past 2 years. Catherine thank you for making such a tremendous difference in peoples lives.

    Catherine Poole

    Thank you Mike for your contributions here and happy to learn of a good derm nearby too. Wonder if you can talk him into helping at our free screening coming up at Wilson Farm Park April 21st? It is our 10 year anniversary and I hope you will come too and say hello! I hope a lot of folks from here will come and celebrate.

    But I hope you are planning something special to celebrate your good fortune at finding this early.


    So happy to hear….I wish you a lifetime of good reports. I have had two skin exams since diagnosis. So far, so good, but the worrying is killing me.


    When/where are the 2013 free screenings? Are they all around the country?

    Catherine Poole

    We are just concentrating on our free screening in the Philadelphia region for now.


    Congratulations, Mike, on reaching 2 years from an in situ diagnosis. Sorry you had another scare – I know how ridiculously scary every little bump can be after a melanoma diagnosis. I’m nearing 1 year after diagnosis and I plan to celebrate (quietly, of course :) ) this year and hopefully for many more years to come. I too am so grateful for this board and awed by the generosity of those who take time to answer other members’ questions. Thanks to this board (and Catherine’s sage advice), I rest a little easier knowing I’m informed and doing all I can do to stay on top of this disease.

    Congrats again and best wishes for a lifetime of good reports!



    Congrats Mike!

    Here’s to many more melanoma free years.

    Lisa P

    Yup – here’s congrats on the last two melanoma-free years and here’s to a long, healthy, melanoma-free life from here on in! Lisa




    Mike, Great news! I, too wish you many more melanoma free (and other cancers) years!! Thank you for updating everyone. The good news stories are very encouraging! Laurie


    That’s great, Mike! I’ll have a beer tonight in your honor.



    Congratulations Mike☺ I wish you many more cancer free years. I am at 5 years this year and it does get better with time. Still get scared from time to time :)

    Catherine Poole

    Hey, I’m at year 24 this January! And I still have my scares too..it is normal and human! :D

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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