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    After a bout of scanxiety I learned today that I am still NED after 3 years. :D Am definitely doing the happy dance today.

    I had a chat with Dr. Scharfmann about the MAGE vaccine trial that I’m in and learned some interesting things.

    Back in September 2013 Glaxo Smithkline announced that the vaccine did not meet its primary endpoint, which was to extend disease free survival time. This sort of corroborated what Dr. Scharfmann had told me earlier that patients on both arms of the trial were doing well. And, if both arms were doing well, how will Glaxo be able to tell how well the vaccine works?

    Despite that news, the trial is continuing because Glaxo wants to see if the vaccine would meet a secondary endpoint, which would determine if it would benefit patients with a certain gene signature.

    One question on my mind today was to find out if I had that gene signature. Well, only Glaxo knows which trial participants have it and they did not divulge that information to doctors. That bit of news surprised me but “it is what it is”.

    Also, with this trial they may not see a benefit for years to come. Take Yervoy for example: it’s taken years for the data to mature and we’re now starting to see some long term survivors as a result of treatment. Even though vaccines seem to be a bit of a bust at the moment, maybe the future will tell us something different.

    I left Johns Hopkins today with a sense of optimism.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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