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    I recently had a shave biopsy on a lesion on my right cheek of the face that came back as “melanoma with a tumor thickness at least .7 mm” It states tumor thickness is at least .7 mm since the tumor extends to the deep margin of the specimen as well as to the lateral margins. Mitoses are absent in these sections examined and the lesion is not ulcerated in these sections” The report recommends “ref for excision asap. Rec she come in for FSE..?

    My dermatologist set up an appt for me to have it removed this coming Tuesday with a surgical oncologist affiliated with northshore LIJ. I live very close to a skin cancer center for sloan kettering but it would take me longer to get an appointment. (1-2 weeks if i dont have an excision months if i have the excision)

    I am also 7 weeks pregnant so for obvious reasons i would need to know results as soon as possible. (we had been trying to conceive for 2 years so i am obviously very depressed and worried about having to terminate a pregnancy or exposing the fetus to harmful substance)

    1. Should a sentinel lymph node biopsy be performed before an excision? (being that i am pregnant and my understanding is that the sln involves the injection of a dye and a radioactive substance)

    2. Would having an excision first make it more difficult to get an accurate sln?

    3. Is it possible to make an assumption yet to a possible staging based on just the report quotes I read? I was thinking a possible stage 1 a or b? Does the report sound hopeful or is there no way to know yet as it was a shave biopsy? The dermatologist told me over the phone that it is “invasive” and i cannot wait on this.

    4. Should i wait for an appointment with sloan kettering? the first appointment would be a consult and would take 1-2 weeks to get and then i would have to schedule the excision.

    Thank you for any insight. I am a nervous wreck!

    Catherine Poole

    Did the report state the mitotic value? That should be considered too. I was 4 months pregnant when I was diagnosed with a .76, 1 mitotic, ulceration and regression. Sentinel node biopsy wasn’t invented so I didn’t do it. The initial pathology specimen (if a deep shave) should have gotten the whole lesion, the re-excision often finds little or no residual melanoma cells. I would try to get into the Sloan Kettering facility even if you have to wait. I would want their expertise and possibly have another pathology opinion. In all likelihood, you caught this early and will be fine. By the way, I had a 10 lb. baby after my ordeal, and he is now in his 20’s and 6’6″! So try not to stress yourself if you can. You do need to see experts though for the best care.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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