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    puppet man

    so scans on monday, seen by dr flaherty on tuesday.

    the tumors in

    my chest, lungs and buttocks have shrunk to scar tissue. no melanoma in

    those areas. the tumors on the lower legs are seen as the same shadows

    of themselves. the pelvic lymphnodes have shrunk to almost normal size.

    all in all, i am now at a lower level of melanoma in my body since the first pics.

    zelboraf ( a braf inhibitor) in a powder form works as well as the gel.

    mekinhibitor (no name, as it is not fda approved by itself) works to aide

    the zelboraf, and the two seem to cancel out or ameliorate the side

    effects of each other..

    i am euphoric and perhaps over joyed at this

    news. i am jumping the gun a bit, but i believe i am 99% cleared of

    melanoma…. as long as i take the drugs.

    on the flip side the side

    effects are not totally inconsequential. fatigue, joint aches n pains,

    cough, and light/sun sensitivity in eyes and on skin are constraining in

    my line of work. i am a street performer and working in the sun is part

    of my day. as i’m only 8 months in, the sides may become less as my

    body acclimates and we actually start to think of them over the success

    of the drugs.

    dr flaherty is a sweet man.

    Catherine Poole

    Yes, Dr. Flaherty is a nice man, and extremely intelligent! He also wears great bowties. Well congrats to you on getting rid of your melanoma tumors and I hope this continues. Could you explain further about the powder you mentioned? What MEK are you doing? Who makes it?


    Love to hear about the scar tissue; my doctor thinks that is what I have also. Like Catherine, I too would like to know more about the powder. Can you provide more information?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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