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    Catherine Poole

    She is fine, by the way, but I wanted to share this compelling video she did:




    your video is very powerful and very well done……and…..you’re adorable!!


    Catherine Poole

    Yes she is adorable! And she is a powerful advocate for us all globally.


    Pati, you are exactly the person I thought you were from your posts! Thoughtful, compassionate and strong. Both your life and the lives of other melanoma patients who have different qualities are worth extending, from every social and economic standpoint I can imagine, and other standpoints too.

    Terrific video! Thanks for doing this.



    Pati what a wonderful voice for all of us…I have “shared” on facebook. Powerful & thoughtful…thank you. Karen


    Amazing Pati. You are truly an inspiration. For us ALL. I am not stage 4, I had melanoma in situ (stage 0) but your spirit is so uplifting to anyone! I hope you a LOT of time left here on earth to spend with your little boys. I have a girl, 22 months, who is the love of my life :)

    Thank you for sharing Catherine.



    Shirley Z

    Thank You for sharing this. Pati is an inspiration to all of us. Her boys will look back on this video some day and realize how many lives she touched.

    Pati, I hope you will be blessed with much more time to enjoy your beautiful family. You mean so much to all of us here.

    Love and prayers,

    Shirley Z


    What is the price for a life? To the ones you love it is priceless….


    Well done Pati,

    Amazing awesome there are not words to describe.

    I am impressed how Pati still feels self worth. That is what I lost. I found myself fighting my disease, my doctors, the medical establishment. Fighting for recognition of my human status.

    My tumour was ocular melanoma, rarer that skin. Survival post stage iv 3-12 months exceptionally 2 years. I am 3.6 years.

    Life is great and even on a rainy day I smile. Its so precious. I have an immense sense of guilt. I got treatment because I trusted no one. In a country where there is nationalised medicine people like me are excluded because we are exceptional. We have to beg for any state funded care.

    I know its wrong, pateints should be fully informed but thats also hard. It was the only way for me.

    Seeing beautiful Pati is wonderful.


    Hi lak1,

    I totally agree with you that Pati simply is amazing and I think she is at least three lives ruled in one.

    However, I know that her self-worth does not come from having it easy but rather the opposite- from having to fight for it and she did a fair bit of it, for herself and for others.

    We never signed a contract stating that life was easy or even fair; a friend of mine wrote to me ‘life is what it is. It is how we deal with it that matters’ and I think that Pati is an example of how we can deal with life in a dignified and generous matter DESPITE everything it throws at us.

    Wishing you all the best,



    A truely profound statement about life, melanoma and what it takes to survive.

    Those of us inthe USA with access to Medicare or exceptionally expensive private insurance are incredably fortunate not to have the additional stress of dealing with national cost effectiveness panels that are increasingly rejecting or severly limiting access to expensive new cancer drugs. This advantage is being threatened by rapidly increasing costs for cancer and all health care. How long before we have cost effectiveness panels making decisions about reimbersement for cancer drugs? How long before fiscal conservatives go after the unique provisions that mandate payment for all approved cancer drugs? We need to see that those conservative voices don’t control our access to the drugs we need to survive but we should also act against the continued ability of big Pharma to set such high prices that health care costs become even more unafordable.

    I also believe that our mandate comes with real costs for the international community since their drug prices are driven upwards by our willingness to pay whatever prices the corporations set domestically. Drug companies need to be forced to market to international markets and international needs. They need to recognize the best way to recoup the high cost of drug development is to market on a world-wide basis at prices based upon world-wide sales potential. In other words, we need to look at controlling the cost side of cost effectiveness calculations.

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