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    I have itchy, scaly patches on my eyebrows, have for a couple of years. When the derm looked at it 6 months ago, she said I would eventually need to have them biopsies but it would screw up my eyebrows. You can’t seem them usually, but at times when they itch, they tend to show up more, even better, when I put tan lotion on my face, the spots are VERY pronounced , and cover 50% of my brows. Some have been frozen off, just to come back gain. Remember, I have had 2 Mel in-situs and 3 malignant melanomas this past April and had all 5 wle. I know AK are not melanomas, but do they need to be taken off? What are they exactly and if left untreated, what do they become? Does it take many more years before anything? Th k you , all.

    Catherine Poole

    AKs if left untreated, some of these spots or patches may progress to squamous cell carcinoma, a serious form of skin cancer. If removal is difficult, you may want to try some of the chemo type creams that are safe to use and can make these regress. I have this issue as well from too much sun exposure in my youth. Talk to your doctor about the creams that are available (efudex and aldara) are a few. That may be helpful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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