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    My dad deals with the VA and they tend to drag their feet on setting up appointments. He had to have a kidney removed due to cancer and it took almost 4 weeks just to set up the appointment for the biopsy so I don’t want this to drag out either. I have been told by the dermatologist this is urgent to take care of but i’m not sure how urgent is urgent. This was the pathology report of the biopsy done 2 weeks ago that we were notified on Friday afternoon, Dermatologist put in referral for general surgery and oncologist but not sure when I should start hounding them for appointment. Also does this mean he has Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer? Thanks in advance for helping, My dad is 71 years old and has CLL and renal cell carcinoma,

    skin, right chest, SED&C — invasive squamous cell carcinoma

    skin, right dorsal forearm, punch – basal cell carcinoma, infiltrative type

    skin, left chest, shave ( this one is the one they are concerned about)

    Malignat melanoma, unclassified type

    Breslow depth at least 2.5mm

    Clark level at least IV

    growth phase vertical

    host response present non brisk

    Regression present

    Mitosis per mm 2-7

    Satelitosis cannot access

    Lymphovascular invasion not identified

    Neurotropism not identified

    Ulceration absent

    Peripheral surgical margins negative on examined sections

    Deep surgical margins positive for invasive melanoma

    Stage at least pT3a

    Catherine Poole

    Can you dad get treatment at a good cancer center? He will probably need to be on immunotherapy (but maybe CLL will exlude that) His case is complicated and needs an expert to look it over. Where are you located?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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