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    Catherine Poole

    I received this from the company: Please excuse the impersonal email, but I wanted to make sure you saw the results from Vical’s Phase 3 trial of Allovectin® as soon as possible in case you are asked about it. We are deeply disappointed that the trial failed to meet either the primary or secondary efficacy endpoints. As a result, we are terminating the Allovectin® program.

    I am very impressed the company took the time to let us know, whereas we are still waiting to hear from the PD1 that failed (Curetech) so that these patients can enroll in other Pd1 trials.


    Yes it is impressive that they contacted you and are so open about the drugs failure.


    It certainly sounds impressive – their stock price plummeted by more than half after the announcement. Perhaps they were forced to make the announcement because it was a phase III trial? Even so, it was a surprise that you (Catherine) got an email notification. More than they were required to do!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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