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    I just wanted to let those of you who know of Amy know she passed away almost a week ago. She was in her bed and I was sitting next to her. Hospice was due to arrive that morning to get started and she did it her way – she never wanted that or a hospital. I want to thank you Catherine and everyone else on this forum for your help and support. Without your quick response more than a year ago, Catherine, Amy would not have had the extra year she did because you alerted us to a trial she needed desperately. Thank you again.


    Catherine Poole

    Sylvia, I am so sorry to hear this news. I am glad Amy had it her way, with you by her side at your lovely farm. I wish this disease wasn’t so difficult. I hope you are surrounded by all of your wonderful support people and critters during this tough time. It is time to take care of you Sylvia and I hope you do that. Let us know how you are doing..when you can.


    Oh no Sylvia, I’m so sad to hear of your dear Amy’s passing. 😥 What a good fight you guys gave and what a peaceful and graceful way to have it end. And what a wonderful and dedicated care giver you were. Your deep love for Amy was obvious.

    Amy has her peace now and so, in time, will you. Be good to yourself and treat yourself with the same care and dedication you gave to Amy. It’s your time to heal. You deserve it

    God Bless You.



    I’m so sorry to hear Amy passed away. She went through a tough battle. You always hear that time heals the heart. Today is the 5th anniversary of my mother’s death and yes it does get better but I still can’t get through this day without some tears. After my father passed away when all the family was gone I was worried about how my Mom would cope so I offered to go visit but my Mom said no. She said she needed time by herself to really grieve and cry. Give yourself that time when you don’t have to be the brave and strong one. I think the caregivers have the toughest job in this journey.

    Mary Sue


    I am so terribly sorry for you’re your loss. I have been following your experiences with great interest.

    I wish you the very best and send you and your family my sincerest condolences at this time.

    Warmest regards,

    Belinda Wilson

    Qld, Aust.



    There are no words of comfort when a loved one passes away…but thank you for sharing your’s and Amy’s journey with the community of MIF… and has already been expressed…I am sorry for your loss and I wish you peace in the coming days…




    I was so sad to read your post.

    Amy & you fought so hard against her terrible disease. I was so hoping that the UCI Medical Center clinical trial would be Amy’s magic bullet.

    Now, Amy can finally be out of pain and in a better place. I truly believe that you will be with Amy again and that Amy’s spirit will be with you always until you get to see her again.

    It is now time to take care of yourself and to focus on your life.

    Stay Well,



    Oh, Sylvia! I am so sorry for your loss! You and Amy were such a great and loving team for so long! Watching the way you worked together to beat this beast has been a real inspiration for me. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that all your work and worry did result in Amy having many more months of a good quality of life than the doctors expected. That was a real blessing. As others have said, know that you did the very best you could for Amy and now it’s time to care for yourself. I hope you come back and post here from time to time and let us know how you are doing.


    Dear Sylvia,

    I was so sad to read your post that Amy has died. As everyone else has already said, your persistence in finding additional treatments, being assertive getting people to help you with red tape surely resulted in a longer life for Amy. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you did ALL you could for her.

    I too hope you are surrounded by family and friends who will support you in the coming weeks and months as you move forward without your life partner. You are in my thoughts and prayers!



    Dear Sylvia,

    Such sad news about Amy. I hope you can find the strength to pick up your life again without your loved one. May she rest in peace. You did a hell of a job and fought right beside her all the way. My deepest respect for that and I wish you all the best for the future.



    Thank you all for your comforting messages. It has been a very difficult couple of weeks and actually keeps getting harder. I know it will turn course at some point. I miss my beautiful Amy. This board was so crucial for us and I can’t thank you all enough.

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