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    Well, we finally have some really good news. After getting a prognosis of 4 to 6 months to live about 8 months ago, Amy started her alternative treatment in Mexico and also did Zelboraf and then combo of Zelboraf and IPI (doc gave us that choice even though it is not standard practice and is still in trials). tumors had metastisized to two areas in her spine and lung. Pleural and pericardial effusions within the last 9 months. The zelboraf shrank the spinal tumors enough to give her some relief but she was still in a lot of pain. She went through IPI without many side effects. Now we’re 7 weeks post last IPI infusion.

    Oncologist was rather surprised to say the least because he said the lung tumor is completely gone (only some scar tissue) and lower set of spinal tumors completely gone and upper set of spinal tumors very close to being completely gone. He said his hunch based on the dramatic reversal is that the small area lit up on the upper set of spinal tumors is from the effusion and he is thinking it’s not cancer. In order to rule this out and confirm his suspicions, he wants to do a CT scan in 6 weeks on that area. He said she is close to cancer free.

    Whether it was the Mexico treatment, the IPI or the prayers, it doesn’t matter. My belief is it’s everything combined. We are thrilled. We told doc we were planning our first get away in about a year to Las Vegas this weekend and he said, “you may as well go, cause you already won.”. YES!!

    Thought I’d share the good news. I know reading about the good fortune of others in this forum really helped me. Now, just enjoy life, hope it all holds and keep doing all we can to keep Amy healthy. :D

    Catherine Poole

    That is wonderful news, thanks so much for sharing with us here. I hope it all continues to go well for you and Amy!


    That is really great news. Can you share where you are being treated and who the oncologist is? Sounds like you have a forward thinking doctor.


    Sharmon, believe it or not, she is being treated at the VA hospital in San Diego by Dr. Greg Daniels. They are one of the best VA’s I’ve heard because they are linked with UCSD school of medicine which is a teaching/research hospital/school. and, we’re lucky enough to live so close to Mexico to get alternative treatment a hop skip and jump away.



    Wow that is completely good news. You both must feel giddy and greatly relieved.

    All the best.



    jeff – giddy and now utterly exhausted! but, in a good way. think my body is completely relaxing for the first time in months.


    amazing! congratulations!!



    Zelobraf and Ipi should work- the BRAF agent will kill a lot of the tumour the ipi stimulates the immune system it sees the tumour more easily in the dying cells and then is able to target the others that are not so sensitive to the Braf agent.

    There is a trial in Italy combining the 2 sounds great.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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