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    Hi, I write to seek for advice. At the beginning of October last year my Mom was diagnosed with anal melanoma, Clark V, Breslow 1 cm. She had local excision, luckily PET and CT did not show any other tumors. In December she had colonoskopy and TRUS. As there was a small site mass in the scar, they took plenty tissue slices, which turned out to be lingering inflamation. To make sure it is not a recurrence, she had MRI two weeks ago. It showed a couple of enlarged lymphatic nodes in mesorectum (6mm) and an internal iliac one on the right side (17X11 mm).

    We do not know what to do next. Where we live, it is extremely rare disease, there might be up to four people suffering from it now. One doctor tell us to do sentinel nod mapping biopsy and TEM margin widening. The other says that in this situation sentinel will not tell much, as it is not possible to get these enlarged nods out without radical operation and there is no point in risking TEM, as extinction was wide and deep. He suggests repeating PET scanning.

    My Mom is 58, she is in overall good condition, although she suffers from multiple sclerosis (10 years) as well. She had no treatment (chemo, radio, interferon etc).

    Do you have any suggestions? Can you recommend any hospital in Europe treating this kind of melanoma? I can fly to USA or China, if they have more expertise in that.

    Thank you so much for your help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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