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    My Father (61 yrs) is diagnosed for Anorectal Melonama last Dec and his PET scan shows metastasis to liver, back bones and few lymph nodes. He’s already in stage III / IV.

    I was referred to Adyar Cancer Institute – Chennai, where docs said there is no more possibility for surgery and no medicinal cure available.

    A month passed now, I’m unfortunate, getting to see my dad succumbed to this. I’m deliberately not to let him die like this and looking for any possible treatment options available in India.

    Suggested by a Naturopathist, I’ve asked him to take Curcumin and few Anit-oxidants, but doesn’t seem to help a lot.

    Any support in sharing piece of info on treatments / cures would be of great help to me in fighting this deadliest disease.

    Thanks, Prakash


    So sorry to hear about this Prakash – he is definitely stage 4 if he has distant Metastases – is there any access to Zelboraf in India or even Ipi – the former acts faster and since there are no brain mets as yet – I dont know anything about trials in India but you can try : http://www.ctri.nic.in/‎ – I know the trials often dont accept mucosal melanoma patients but it doesnt hurt to ask. All the best for you and your father – keep fighting for him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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