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    I don’t really know why I’m posting – I guess I was just hoping someone would make me feel a little better to help me get thru the next week while I’m waiting for the biopsy results.

    I’ve already had 2 in-situs and multiple severely dysplastic moles removed, and I have been seen by the derm every 3 months for the last 2 years. I’ve had a rather large mole on my shoulder that I’ve been watching. It was mostly medium brown but part of it was light pink/flesh colored and slightly elevated. Last week I noticed that it had a small scab on it. I don’t know if I scratched it or what, but it set me off in a panic and I immediately picked the scab off. I had my husband take a look since its in an awkward location, and he said it didn’t look too bad to him, but that it was brown and pink, and he said there was a small white dot in it as well. So now I’m really freaking out!! I had my 3 month appt. with the derm yesterday and I had him take a look, and he said well that does have a few colors in it, so we’ll take it off. He did an excisional biopsy with a 2mm margin – he said he could do a punch biopsy of a piece of it, but that he didn’t want to leave the rest “smoldering” there in the meantime, That was his word – smoldering! Of course, that set me into another panic thinking he must know that this is bad and the whole thing needs to be removed right away. Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, and I know you really can’t tell without looking under a microscope, but I’m just a basket case. Can a mole change that quickly to become something nasty in 3 months? I know I’m a big baby and that there a so many people on this forum with way worse problems than me, but I can’t seem to get a grip on my fear. :(


    Your feelings are normal – I think many of us feel that same way given our histories, but keep in mind that most biopsies are not melanoma


    You’re certainly in good company. Have no shame. Don’t think bad of yourself for being a little bit (or a lot, for that matter) afraid. Fearlessness is overrated, and it’s rarer than you think.

    I’m freaking out about a mole on my arm this very afternoon. I’ll be booking an appointment tomorrow morning so I can get it taken off. Like you, I’m also a “big baby,” although I prefer to think of it as sensible vigilance. Just try to be calm until the biopsy comes back. Most likely, it will be nothing, and you can get on with your life.

    In the meantime, I hope your biopsy comes back clean. I think it will. As Cohan pointed out, most of them do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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