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    Catherine Poole

    The good news is that PD1 by BMS is going under review for approval and has moved from phase 1 to phase III trials to open soon. The bad news is this takes SOOOOO long.


    I was thinking, now that we’re also heavily into the election season, that I was advised as a cancer advocate to contact my elected officials who are on the most relevant committees of health etc. to lobby them about important issues. I’ve thought about this before, but can’t recall who in my state (Connecticut) has a relevant position, but perhaps our senators and representatives might be helpful anyway with BMS, which has a major headquarters here (also NYC and New Jersey). For example, Senator Blumenthal already has a good record as a health advocate….



    Hi Jonathan,

    Rep.Rosa Delauro is backing a bill on stricter regs on tanning beds and Blumenthal has a deep interest in supporting clinical trials…anyone who knows Blumenthal, once he sinks his teeth into an issue he does not let go…BTW, so good to see you hanging around MIF :)


    Dr. Jerome Horwitz and AZT: What the Melanoma Community Must Remember

    Dr. Jerome Horowitz, an early advocate of a biological approach to treating cancer, has passed away. He is remembered for his synthesis of the compound AZT in the search for a drug that could attack cancer by depriving it of essential growth elements. While AZT failed to accomplish that objective, it was later found to work, for a period of time, against HIV the AIDS virus. The recent article, Remembering Dr. Jerome Horwitz and AZT | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, credits the US government for rapid FDA approval of AZT but fails to acknowledge the role played by AIDS Activists in that process. Without that activism, many more would have died while the FDA waited for their still reactionary model of “scientific proof” to verify that lives could be prolonged and saved. I say “still reactionary” because patient priorities for rapid access go unmet in spite of many regulatory reforms. Anti-PD-1 has been proven safe and effective relative to other available treatments: the identification of PD-L1 as a biomarker makes it possible to identify the cohort of melanoma and other cancer patients for whom it will work. We need to become melanoma activists and cancer activists to force the FDA and Bristol-Meyers Squib and the other companies to provide access now through compassionate use and rapid approval.


    Is MIF on Facebook? It may be a good way to bring awareness to masses of people quickly.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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