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    Hi, I posted a note about the January article in Bloomberg about Teva dropping its alliance with CureTech over the disappointing results of CureTech’s “anti-PD1” drug, CT-011. I know of no one who received a positive response with the drug (and there are approximately 80 of us who were in this phase 1 trial).

    The worst aspect of this is that we are now excluded from participation in either the Merck or BMS anti-PD1 trials, since we have already technically been on an anti-PD1 drug. My argument is that since it’s not been at all effective, it shouldn’t “count” as an exclusion from the other trials – what are we supposed to do, after participating in this trial in good faith?

    CureTech should be obliged to make public its phase 1 results. If it is as totally ineffective as I believe it is, having it made public might make a difference in the other drug companies’ exclusion positions.

    If you have any opinions on this, or were a participant in the trial, please respond.




    Jonathan- we really are at the mercy of “the trial”…Don has not had to try an anti PD1 trial YET but please know how grateful we are to ALL of you who were in these first ones. You are the ones who help save lives…but man if they really do not work at all it hurts to know those of you who took the risks are being excluded from the trials that show promise…

    Thank you so very much,


    Celeste Morris

    Well said, Karen. Well said. c

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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