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    Hello All-

    My father in law (lives in England) has mestatic melanoma, metastisised into multiple organs. He was originally put on an Avastin trial, however results were poor after the year was up. He had a round of radiation to help with pain and hopefully stop growth. He is starting Chemo (which they’ve already stated wouldn’t help) along with IL-2, if that doesn’t show progress they will then move to Ipilimumab treatment.

    Researching both treatments, they show to have low success rates. Also researching, i see promising results from anti pd1 treatments, primarily from BMS. Reading other posts i see this is exciting for other patients/caregivers.

    Looks as if there aren’t any trials recruiting in the US at the moment, does anyone know if/when there will be trials opening up in Europe? He lives in the UK.

    Thank you!


    Catherine Poole

    You should see some more activity in trials for both Merck and BMS PD1 shortly. When exactly is not certain, but your best bet is to contact leading centers (check our Global Resources) and call the researchers directly. Caroline Robert in Paris may be one center to try but I would get in touch with others in England as well. The manufacturers have not given us any information yet to supply you. So your own efforts may turn up a better response. Let us know if you find out something promising. Hope all goes well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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