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    Hello Catherine

    A close relative was ned for almost a year on zelboraf , after an Mri 2 brain mets were discovered. Ipi and radiation are the next step. I am an avid reader and it seems that patients are doing very well with Anti pd1. Kindly could you check if any trials are vailable in Uk preferably London. Thanks.


    Hi, I am UK based and am on a anti Pd1 trial at the a Royal Marsden, however it is for patients who have had Ipi previously and are considered non responders. But I do know of another trial that is 3 arm, Anti Pd 1 v. Anti Pd1 plus Ipi v. Ipi alone, I believe it is still recruiting and know people who have been accepted just this week. Locations include London The Royal Marsden, London Mount Vernon and Cambridge. hope this helps.

    Catherine Poole

    Thanks Sara. Yes, those are the best locations to check, Royal Marsden and Cambridge. If the patient does IPI it may exclude them from the trial, so they might want to check it out first before starting IPI. Let us know how things go.


    Thanks that is good news for sure.

    She has the appointment at royal Marsden London this Tuesday or the next depending when her oncologist will have all documents needed done -( , It’s terrible to wait and we are pushing for next Tuesday. She is under the care of professor Gore. We will surely ask him if she can get in a trial of anti pd1. Sarah you are in my prayers and hope all goes well for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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