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    I have become extra focused, hyperfluent, and spiritually sensitive beyond normal. Monday I went swimming and to lunch with my former primary care physician. I asked her about whether I was dealing with a drug side effect from the Dexadron, perhaps, which is still at what the docs consider a large dosage. I’m also on a lot of anti-convulsant, Keppra. Same question/comment to the resident yesterday. Neither felt that this necessarily explained it. The conversation turned instead to the nature of seizures, pattern disturbing electrical brain activity. My primary brought up John Travolta’s film Phenomenon. The resident referenced the experience of Vietnam Hmong in California and mystic experience. It’s all good for me right now, no matter what the provenance. I’m very much at peace and very, very connected. I’ve had to do some important writing and speaking on occasions this week, and everything clicks, both the way I feel about it and from the feedback of those witnessing it.


    Hi Frank,

    My post seizure experience was different, but something definitely happened. My brain met was located on the right side of brain (too early for technical reports). I had some very strange sensations that border on auditory hallucinations.

    Post seizure, I was eventually able to drive (after a six month wait). I returned from work one day and I told my wife that I was still ‘listening’ to the song I had heard on the ride home. It was a classical piece that I had never heard before, yet I still felt like I could hear it, clearly, note for note, in my brain. One day I told my wife that a helicopter was coming because I could feel the vibrations before I actually heard the sound. About 10-15 seconds later a traffic helicopter flew over my neighborhood. There were other experiences as well. My neurologist ran an EEG and told me that they could be mini-seizures that heightened my awareness to sounds due to the placement of my met.

    Good luck to you. At the very least, we can say good bye to boredom.


    Catherine Poole

    Very interesting experiences and they sound enlightening as well! Thank you for sharing. I will try to find out something from our neurosurgeon about this but she is very busy!


    Still looking for answers to the strange but wonderful still changes in mental ability and capacity I am experiencing post-seizure. Catherine, did you have a chance to run this by your consultant neurosurgeon? It’s something I just gratefully accept for as long as it lasts, but it certainly raises questions. At 72, though certainly not suffering from incipient dementia, I did have for the last few years and continue to have problems sometimes remembering names. What I seldom do now is forget the appropriate word in other situations. My capacity for concentration is way better than it has been in years as is my now lower level of distractabilty. I am much more able to listen to someone carefully and really be with them rather than thinking what my next line might be. As a result, I’ve had a number of very meaningful, because much deeper than usual, encounters with close relatives and friends, on levels that we have seldom plummed. But humor has also been easier to come by, and I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that some of my acquaintances think I’ve become wittier. I have my wife keep an eye on me to make sure that my increased openness is not degenerating into being offensively unfiltered, but she’s a pretty tough judge and she does not see any signs of anything all that problematic.Just maybe a few too any “funny” lines. I have heard that Decadron can have hypomania as a side effect, but also that for most people, hypomania can be something of a blessing.

    Yesterday I quizzed my own team neurosurgeon in a relaxed conversation where we also spoke of our shared passion for masters swimming. I take a perverse pleasure I must admit in beating the 43 year old. He has three speculations in order of his preference. 1. I had been experiencing unknown for years abnormal electric activity in the brain. The seizure got rid of that and had the effect of a clear and pushing some kind of cerebral restart button. 2. The Decadron is exercising some type of stimulant effect, even though I am only taking 2 mg. a day. 3. The Keppra is clearing up some never diagnosed ADD that I have had through the years but at a sub-clinical level. He is not sceptical of my claims for enhanced cognitive function. Keppra is related in some way to anti-Add drugs.

    Another doctor friend of mine, a former high school student, and one smart and speculative fellow, has a different theory. He sees brain seizures, with their enhancement of electrical activity, as parallel in function to the electro-stimulation therapy (known in the old days) as electric shock. He feels that many older males in particular live years without diagnosis with low-grade depression. His theory is that I might have been one of those and the happening was like successful ES therapy. Again, a reset theory.

    I have not read on any Forum or in any article, though I am not quite sure how to keyword, it, any parallel experience to my own. It is so powerful and life-changing, and now living with it for a month feeling like I am functioning cognitively and all day as if I had shed 50 years, that I really would like to get involved with some dialogue on this happening. Any idea how I might pursue this? Any parallel experiences you are aware of personally? For me, this has also been coupled with a significant spiritual change, very much for the good in everything I can observe. These two types of shifts, cognitive and spiritual, may be independent but as more or less simultaneous, probably not. I said earlier that my clinical onc’s fellow and my former internal medicine primary both tend towards the spiritual for finding answers to my questions one with her cultural anthropology background, the other because she was taken with Travolta’s 1996 move, the Phenomenon, but they admit their own lack of expertise.


    P.S. Kind of nice and maybe even more than a little narcissistic to be taking up so much board space with an issue that has to do with improved quality of life through melanoma when so many of you (me too sometime) are dealing with more important issues of life and death. But maybe my good experiences aren’t doomed to be unique and are even duplicable for others. Posting right now at 3 am. Only down side continues to be that sleep is very, very different. Little bit of a warning sign for that potential hypomania I mentioned, but more likely just a garden variety reaction to the Decadron. And it doesn’t bother the rest of my day or concentration that I am sleeping an hour or more less a night on two part shifts.

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