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    A happy healthy new year to everyone. My happy new year started as the national health insurance in Israel approved now Kitruda and Optdivo. My husband is now on IPI and will get the third dose next week. Up to now it was fine, two days ago started suferring from diarrhea but it was not severe so hopefully if it stays like that we can hold. But good to know we have options for the future and we all need that Tammie

    Catherine Poole

    That is great news Tamie! I hope that happens globally! Did they approve it for first line?

    I’m happy your husband will have these options! Happy New Year to you as well.


    I do not yet know because it has just been approved yesterday and we only have now details refarding the list of medication being approved. It will take few days to learn all details but usually theu follow the FDA so I believe it will be only for those failed in IPI – but we will see


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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