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    Hi There,

    My husband was diagnosed at stage 2C in 2010. He progressed to 3C in 2012 and underwent a neck dissection followed by radiotherapy with 11/23 nodes testing positive for melanoma. He is BRAF negative and we live in North West England, UK.

    He has had 3 monthly oncology follow up appointments since his neck dissection and appears well. He has recently had a chest/abdo/pelvis CT and we are back for results in 2 days.

    Though I hope and pray all is well, I’d like to attend with a proposed plan if it shows progression to stage 4.

    In the UK, first line treatment is dacarbazine follwed by Ipilimumab if unsuccessful. I’d be interested to hear if there are any other new or viable options/trials for BRAF negative melanoma.

    Kind Regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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