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    Catherine, what hospital does MIF recommend for a second opinion on treatment? Also, are there any trials for NED IV (only previous treatment was 2 infusions of interferon four years ago) using Nivo/Ipi? Thank you again.


    Catherine Poole

    Many of the NIVO/ipi trials require measurable disease for biopsy or to be followed. Where do you live? I can say that the top places include Sara Cannon in Nashville, UCLA in LA, Sloan Kettering in NYC.



    Melanoma adjuvant trials are hard to find but there are some out there. I did hear recently that Moffitt was doing a Ipi/Nivo adjuvant trial but when I just looked on their website I couldn’t find the trial. If I was looking for a adjuvant trial that would be my first choice. If you are interested it may be worth a call down there. You can also do a search of clinicaltrials.gov and in the filter window write (“melanoma” and “adjuvant”). It will give you about 50 results, of which maybe a handful would be applicable and worth pursuing. I know UVA usually has a couple adjuvant trials going on. They have one now using “IDO” which I don’t know a whole lot about but from what I have heard it sounds like a promising angle. I am currently being treated and UVA and the staff there is wonderful.

    There was some useful info on this thread if you haven’t seen it:


    Good luck Cheris.



    Here’s the link to that IDO trial at UVA. It’s actually recruiting in NH, VA, NC, and GA.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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