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    I woke up last night around 4:30 thinking our dog had thrown up in the bed. I turned on the light and there was a pool of blood. It was from the wound from the wle. They didnt do stiches or a skin graph bc it was on my shoulder and pretty wide. It was clark’s stage 2 and breslow thickness of .3mm.. Doctor removed and dermapathologist found there were clear margins. Its been healing slowly and hasnt hurt, been irritated, nor infected. There are no weird spots or anything in the wound and when I cleaned it after I woke up it actually looked better than it has yet. Instead of a darker red its almost a pinkish or light red color. Once I cleaned it immediately stopped bleeding. Did anyone have this happen? I called my dermatologist this morning and waiting on a call back. Like I said it doesnt hurt and may actually be less sensitive now after this has happened. Thought about going to urgent care but it doesnt look any worse. If it feels worse, etc I will head to urgent care. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time!

    Catherine Poole

    Sounds like an awful experience! I would have the doctor see you asap and check it out. I’m thinking this is a low risk lesion that perhaps wasn’t closed properly or it has been infected. Either way, get it checked soon, your doctor should see you even if it is Saturday. Let us know how things go.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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