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    Catherine Poole

    Wow, an incredible story to follow. He’s had the kitchen sink thrown at him (IPI, TIL, IL2, IPI) plus the chemo to prep him for TIL.

    Just amazing and prayers it all works well (!).

    Catherine Poole

    He may be joining us with a team at this year’s event too!



    Thank you to everyone who has been following my brother’s blog on Philly.com and offering him encouragement prayers and support.

    Thank you to TJ as well, for providing family, friends & people we don’t know, so much perspective and examples of courage, while constantly staying positive, with an unbreakable attitude of, “I WILL BEAT THIS, NO MATTER HOW MANY OBSTACLES COME MY WAY!”

    TJ’s blog (Patient #1) has been so well received that they have developed a separate page for him. He really hasn’t been able to catch a break it seems (so I know we are due & it’s coming!), as he had another unexpected surgery performed yesterday to remove a large mass from his tonsil.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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