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    My husband finished last round of ipi few weeks ago

    Dr feels possibly not effective. Wanted to put him in a PD1 trial to then find out since he is braf+ you would have had to fail that treatment 1st to then be eligable for PD1

    Any opinions on this and any known trials he could get pd1 w/out braf treatment 1st



    Which trial? I was still responding to Zelboraf and elected to stop for the 14-day wash-out period to start Merck trial.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks Karen I will ask doctor about that :)))


    Hi Jen,

    My husband was in IPI and he had to fail as well before he could be in Pd1 trial. So he had to had the second infusion, scans showing progression to then be accepted. It is painful to have to ‘fail’ first, then wash out period to then be accepted and start trial. 10 weeks total without treatment.

    I wish you all the best during this time. Best wishes.

    Elenise (Jacques’ wife)


    Thank you so much!

    I’m curious once failed ipi

    Did have to do a braf treatment?

    Then able to do pd1? My husband is braf+ and doctor told us

    In order to be eligible for pd1 he would 1st need to do a braf drug

    Fail then pd1?

    Did you husband get right into pd1 after ipi failed and if so what hospital

    Thanks again!!



    Sorry did not see this before. Right after 2nd injection (march 27), we started counting the 6wks wash out period, had scans on May 10 to send to UCLA for review and acceptance to trial. He got in on June 6th, first treatment on June 7. They never mentioned that he had to fail Braf treatment, but he had had it. He was treated with Z and it work amazing til he had a severe allergic reaction to Z (Stevens Johnson of all side effects).

    He got into UCLA with Dr. Ribas. They have several trials at different phases, Jacques is Phase 1 trial cause this way we guarantee he received medication.

    Dr. Ribas is great and you could contact him and he will answer your questions right away.

    Hope this helps, if need more info let me know.

    Elenise (Jacques wife)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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