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    Eileen L

    Hi, folks. Just a quick update on what I am experiencing on the Hoffman-Roche BRAF/MEK trial. I had PET/CT about two weeks ago that basically showed my two tumors, one lung and one adrenal gland, had an overall 50% reduction in mass and are in no longer reactive. The radiologist thinks the remaining tumor might be just dead tissue. This is after only six weeks on the drug combo! Also, almost all of the side effects (rash on my legs, trunk, arms and face, joint pains, fever and chills, sores in my mouth, fatigue, sore feet and fingers) are gone except for the sun sensitivity. I just developed a new mild rash about a week ago on my abdomen that appeared during the week that I wasn’t on MEK (this trial has me on the BRAF all the time and the MEK 3 weeks on, one week off) which resolved when I went back on the MEK.

    I am extremely pleased with the results! The biggest problem has been the number of appointments I have had. Since it is a Phase I trial they are keeping very close tabs of us at the beginning, with weekly lab draws, EKGs, doctor’s appointments, etc. Now that I have been in the trial for eight weeks I go to monthly appointments, lab draws, and EKGs, and every six week PET/CT scans. I expect to soon glow in the dark from all the scans!

    Eileen L

    Catherine Poole

    That sounds like wonderful results. I hope this becomes a very promising therapy. Let us know how you continue to do.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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