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    Dealing with melanoma is difficult enough, and investigating and facing some rather tough choices with brain mets is even more frightening. Having the best medical team in place should allow you to be able to make the most educated decision possible for what is best for your individual situation. And, no doubt, while each of us can learn from each others histories, each one of us has just a little bit different something going on. I know that you will be able to take the steps for the best treatment for you and I wish you the best in doing so. On a personal note I am extremely interested in hearing more about your decision and treatment as I am just now embarking on a similar path of investigation and treatment options for a 6 mm brain met. No doubt, on this forum, we are never alone and it is great how others reach out and touch each other by sharing experiences.


    Hi Maria, I have had 4 brain mets within about 2 yrs time, first was taken care of with Gamma Knife, a little pain getting the head gear on but only 15 min of treatment and it was gone. About 6 mos. later I got two more, treated with Gamma Knife again, took care of one but 5 mos. later the other started getting a little bigger and it was very close to my motor strip, I was having symptoms with my right side not working properly, scary, so they did a craniotomy and got all of it out, thanks to my brilliant (female) neurosurgeon! Another yr goes by and yet another brain met, craniotomy again and got all. August will be another yr but I am confident there will be no more.

    BTW, the craniotomys were a piece of cake for me. Easiest surgery I have ever had, practically pain free, in on Mon. morning and out by noon on Wed. both times. Steroids for 5 days, which made me feel great, and then back to my life. I didn’t even loose my hair cuz she did ‘hair sparing’ surgery, no one could tell.

    That is my experience, I don’t know how others have faired.

    Have confidence, the power of positive thinking is a great thing. Good luck to you. BTW, I am now 58 yrs old.


    Did any of your craniotomy surgeries and locations located on the left temporal? I’m having a craniotomy (partial awake) next week because of risks associated with language and coordination. The surgeons are sure I’ll be end up having worse regarding language than I am now and will need rehabilitation. Just curious?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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