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    Hi, just an update. He is on the Merck Anti PD 1 trial and is on 10mgs every three weeks. His trial is a Moffitt in Tampa with Dr. Weber. He just had his second infusion this past Wednesday. 5 days after his first infusion he landed in the hopital with pain and dehydration. So far this time he is doing much better. It has been 5 days and he is feeling ok. Still alot of pain but he is managing it all with meds. He is eating and shopping and making it to his doctors appointment all on his own. We look at the tumor area as it is on his rear side and can’t see any difference in size but it is probably too early to tell. His breathing hasn’t changed and his energy is getting better daily.

    I keep praying for everyone on here every day.

    Catherine Poole

    Sounds like pretty good news all the way around. Thanks so much for keeping us informed as many folks really care about you and Brent and are sending their good wishes your way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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