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    hi, I am a man, 40.

    In nov 2012, melanoma breslow 2,4mm, clark IV. Already have had 2 operations in nov and january.

    Micro metastases in 1 lymph node.

    Now examinations for lungs, silver and brain each 3 months during 2 years. Thanks for your prayers.

    I would have have some testimonies – the truth only please, I’m stong enough to read and accept it! -.

    What are my chances to recover ( +/- 60%? ) or maybe to die soon? Thanks a lot for your true answers and all the best to you all. xx

    Axel ( Belgium )

    ps : sorry for my english, I’m french speaking.


    Hello Axel,

    If you had micro metastasis in one lymph node, it sounds like you’re Stage IIIa. The fewer lymph nodes affected, the better. So this is a positive thing to remember.

    Someone else here was recently diagnosed Stage IIIa. I think it was either BubbasMomma or Bunmom. You may want to read through their posts for some encouragement.

    I can’t comment on your Breslow reading because I never had a mole. The melanoma just showed up in a lymph node. Yes, it is that sneaky! 👿 I’ve seen posts from Stage III patients who are celebrating 5 and more years of being disease free. When I first was diagnosed two friends of mine each told me about a friend of theirs who had melanoma in one lymph node and were doing well after 10 years. Sam Donaldson, an American newsman, has been alive and well for over 10! You can google him. People do survive this. But there are no guarantees. However, even for those folks without melanoma there are no guarantees.

    It’s good to be under frequent and vigilant medical observation, especially the first two years. If you remain healthy, then the doctor visits and scans will become fewer. But you will be seeing a doctor regularly from now on. Several doctors had told me that the longer a patient goes without the melanoma returning, the less likely it is to recur.

    Have a Happy Easter, Axel!

    Catherine Poole

    Welcome Axel and your English is just fine! You should look up a Belgium based organization called the Melanoma Independent Advisory Board, they are our sister organization: http://www.m-icab.org

    Also, ECPC, the European Cancer Patient Coalition. Your odds are very good! As pointed out, many folks with micro mets to one node live a long and healthy life. But do your research and also find an excellent melanoma specialist. I would recommend our board member: Bart Neyns, MD

    Head of Clinic, Department of Internal Medicine/Medical Oncology

    UZ Brussel (University Hospital of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

    Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!


    Hello Axel,

    I had a 3 mm tumor and micro metastases to 2 lymph nodes. That was 3 years ago, and I am still cancer free! Still getting regular check-ups. It’s a scary thing but many (if not most) people can survive it at our stage. I don’t like to site statistics because they are based on old data and so much is changing in the world of Melanoma. The key is to stay on top of any changes, get regular check-ups, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a positive attitude.

    Good Luck,



    Axel, I too had a 2.4mm tumor, level 4, and 2 surgeries. I am a 64 yr old guy that was diagnosed in July 2011. At my SLN surgery they found some in one node so I chose to have more taken out. They were all clear. I too now get checked every few months and get PET scans. So far so good.

    Eat healthy, exercise and keep a positive attitude. They will all help you cope and help keep you healthy. If you can try learning to meditate if only for 10 minutes, it helps as well.

    I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and when I first went I was very worried. My doctor told me they had very good results with my type of 3a cancer. (which sounds very much like yours).

    They said not to look at the percentages as all people are different and have all different levels of health. Try getting yours in good shape to help your body cope.

    So far so good and I don’t expect it to come back. (I know, sounds corny but that’s how I have to look at it).

    Good luck!


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