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    Hi team, In January my brother was being treated for pneumonia in one lung. This went on until 1st of April when he had a warning stroke. He is 57 yrs old. He was taken to the ER where xrays were done and a large mass was found that was pressing against his heart. Test were done and came back as possibly Histoplasmosis or some other infection. The doctor ordered more scans and stated it is a tumor and is cancer. Biopsies were done to tissue around the tumor but non of the actual tumor because the surgeon was unable to access it. These biopsies were negative. He was sent to Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville Tn. Two other biopsies were done there, the first was inconclusive for cancer (said not a big enough sample), second biopsy revealed 2 lymph nodes suspicious and were removed but no sample of the lung tumor were taken. The lymph node came back as positive for melanoma. He has not had that he was aware of any suspicious places on his skin. So now Vanderbilt has diagnosed him with advanced melanoma and are getting ready to start treating with Yervoy. They also said yesterday that he has the “wild mutation” kind whatever that means and that is the worst to treat. I have not seen the labs since my brother does not have a copy of any. To make matters worse he went to MD Anderson for a second opinion but Vanderbilt did not send his scans to them after repeated requests by Anderson to get them. The trip cost him $2000 for one doctor visit and one overnight room. When he arrived they said they did not get the scans requested so they just went by the lab reports Vanderbilt did send so he did not get a true second opinion. He came home to Ky so depressed and discouraged. We finally got his spirits up only to be totally knocked down yesterday at his first dr appointment since going to Anderson. His doctor was extremely pissed that he went to Anderson and things became heated. At one point the doctor (Sosman) said we could all just leave his office, that he didn’t care. He also stated the MD Anderson didn’t know how to treat Melanoma, they were just a bunch of old or very young doctors and weren’t up to date on Melanoma. Wow, this a..hole has some nerve. Very full of himself! The doctor at MD Anderson drew up a treatment plan and told my brother to get it administered at Vanderbilt since it was closer, that he would talk to Sosman and coordinate. Sosman told us yesterday that he did not talk to Anderson and that he would not follow the plan. He would do it his way, that’s when he said we could all leave, he didn’t care. But my brother has no where else to get treatment so here I am asking for help. I just want to make sure his diagnose is correct and he gets the correct treatment for the cancer and by his doctor. A very sad, confused and mad sister.


    You’re absolutely justified to be upset and angry.

    So just go across the street to Sarah Cannon and they will take great care of you.

    Sorry your brother has to deal with a crappy disease. He should not have to put up with crappy care.



    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal not only with melanoma but with a total a$$hole as well. If I were your brother I would fire this doctor because he was unprofessional and completely out of line. I, personally, would not put myself under his care.

    Jeff is right. Do have your brother check out Sarah Cannon.

    MD Anderson is one of the top hospitals in the country and has a melanoma clinic that is on the cutting edge of treatments and research. Your brother did right by going there for an opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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