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    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve posted about my friend who is 29 with stage IV melanoma and I really appreciate all the advice you’ve given me. We’re located in Ontario Canada, I’m wondering if anyone knows of clinical trials available here or anywhere in Canada really…..or has recommendations for cancer clinics/melanoma specialists (currently seeing Dr. Petrella out of Toronto).

    just some background info…..originally had suspicious mole removed from cheek in April 2011, it was positive for melanoma and travelled to 3 local lymphnodes, he underwent surgery and radiation and remained clear until February 2013. He now has mets to his subcutaneous tissue at the back of his head and groin area. He also has mets to his lungs bilaterally and we just found out yesterday that he has a 1.3mm met in his brain and a few small (less than 1cm) mets to his liver and pancreas. He’s undergoing radiation next Monday for the brain met.

    Thanks so much



    Hi Nikki,

    I hope your friend gets some relief soon, that’s a lot to deal with.

    I’m based in the States. But to the extent that clinical trials in Canada would be registered in the clinicaltrials.gov web site, here’s a search for trials registered there, located in Canada. It pulls up about 20:

    http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?recr=Open&cond=melanoma&cntry1=NA%3ACA” class=”bbcode_url”>http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?recr=Open&cond=melanoma&cntry1=NA%3ACA

    Also if you search this (MIF) site for ‘Toronto’, or even Canada, you will see some posts. For example, one of the hits for Toronto, Catherine Poole recommends the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to someone last November under one particular set of circumstances, specifically mentioning that clinical trials are done there.

    Best wishes to your friend.

    – Kyle

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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