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    daisy d

    May God bless you Catherine for the sheer volume of hard work you put into this forum, and for the selfless love and care which you give to it’s members.

    I just wanted you to know that my late sister, even though she lived in the U.K. and never posted on this board, read every word you wrote and felt she truly had an advocate in you.

    I imagine that sometimes it may feel like a thankless task, but it’s obvious that your agenda isn’t for praise or thanks but to help people through extremely difficult circumstances.

    God bless you Catherine




    Catherine you’re an angel and tireless advocate.

    Again, I keep coming back to John 15:13.

    What a gift you are.



    Finding this forum eased Don & my path through this devastating illness. So much knowledge shared…kindness too as we all navigate our way. Thank you so very much, Karen


    Just also want to thank Catherine – thankyou is simply not enough


    Same here, this is a brilliant ….. and what a surprise to see Daisy D. as a I have just names our Landrover Discovery after Daisy and Donald, don’t laugh it was from our Grandchild who wanted to name it and the poem we have with Daisy Daisy give me your answer do going onto stylish marriage and bycycle made for two and I have had a small transfer put on the side, looks really good – yes you can tell I have had a brain tumour but someone left the light on exit :D


    Catherine Poole

    Wow. I’m speechless to come across this post this morning, how generous of you folks to say such nice things.

    You are the ones to be praised. Any knowledge I can glean to make your life a bit easier is so valuable to me to share. It is such a pleasure to help when I can and it is truly fulfilling. I am so sorry about your loss Daisy.



    How lovely to find you on line…I have taken up quite a bit of space today. You made me smile how funny your two donkeys! great choice of name though! and I keep coming up againt Daisy. When I told Olivia we were going to call our LD. which is quite old but grey, with rugs, nine seats and off to the Lake District next week to a cottage and a lovely adventure she ran around the room singing Daisy Daisy in front of her mum and blow me looked at the telly there was Daisy and Donald on the Mickey Channel – fate a

    I have the full poem and a lovely story that goes with it of us returning from the local butchers putting her to bed on our sofa, same as our boys, and singing this to her, same again as the boys.

    I will post a picture from the Lake District of Daisy with the picture of them on the side, very tasteful, my husband hasn’t complained yet and us lot – enough to scare all MM users.

    I bet you have similar lovely stories with your donkeys!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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