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    First, thanks to all who contribute to this site and forum. It has been helpful to read all the posts.

    I am due to see my GP (family doctor) this week as I am concerned about a mole on my bottom. It is a large raised mole, uniform in colour and shape – just a very typical raised mole like most people have. Looking at photos on the web, I would call it a dermal naevus type mole. I have a few on my neck too, though the one on my bottom is larger. I have had it many years, but noticed the other day that it felt sore, inflammed, and the skin around it was red. It is painful to touch, but is not bleeding or oozing. I might have caught it on my clothes but don’t recall doing that.

    In all my googling I cannot find an example of melanoma that seemed to start from one of these types of moles (dermal naevus) – which on all the sites I checked seemed to be regarded as benign. It is not a gradual change, it is a sudden one.

    I wondered if anyone had any thoughts? It really doesn’t look like the typical pics of melanoma and I am probably worrying unecessarily. I will ask the doctor to refer me for removal anyway as it is in such an inconvenient place.

    Catherine Poole

    If it bothers you enough to see someone then do, and get it removed. I would definitely see a dermatologist and make sure you have an excellent pathologist (dermatopathologist) look at it too. Let us know how things go!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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